FAQs about the boat and the crossing to the Islands

Do you provide lifejackets?

As required by law, lifejackets for all passengers are stowed onboard for use in the event of an emergency. Passengers are not required to wear a lifejacket on the ferry boat. Nor is the captain required to provide a lifejacket for this journey.

On arrival at the Saltee Islands, passengers must put on a lifejacket before disembarking from the ferry boat to the dinghy (small boat), to be brought to shore.

If I have a young child, can I bring a buggy?

Due to the limited amount of space on the boat and the dinghy transfer across to the island, should you wish to bring a buggy we would ask that it be extremely lightweight and foldable.

Note: the island terrain is rugged. At the landing area you  will need to climb the set of ancient stone steps to access the rest of the island. There are no level paths. Paths are worn tracks by walkers and uneven from animals digging and burrowing. It is not buggy-friendly.

Can I come back on an earlier/later sailing?

No. All of our sailings are scheduled. Passenger lists for each schedule cannot be changed due to safety regulations.

Is this trip accessible for everyone?

The trip is not suitable for anyone with any limited mobility. The boat trip includes stepping from the main boat to a small dinghy to go ashore. There is no landing dock or pier. On arrival, you may need to step into the water’s edge when getting out of the dinghy.  There could be seaweed, or loose slippery stones along the shore. Conditions vary daily, depending on weather and tide, and are beyond our control.

To leave the beach, there are uneven stone steps to climb. The island itself is wild terrain with no built pathways. Rabbits and other wildlife can cause disturbance in the ground making the surface very uneven in parts.

Caution is advised for all visitors. Children should be constantly supervised at all times by an accompanying adult.


The Islands : Disembarking, What to do and See

How long will we be there?

On arrival, the Island is yours to explore for approximately three and half hours.  Your boat crew will give you a time to be back at the landing area for the return trip to Kilmore Quay. Please arrive back at the landing area in good time for the return journey. 

Apart from the puffins, what else is there to see?

The Great Saltee is home to large colonies of seabirds notably the gannet colony on the southwest corner. The views across the islands are stunning.

Please see for more information.

What about our rubbish?

Please bring all litter home with you. We urge you to leave no trace behind you on the island or the boat.



Do I need a reservation?

Yes, it is strongly advised that you reserve your place through our online booking system as the boat fills up fast. 

Do you take group bookings?

Yes we do.  If the availability required for your group is not available online then please contact us directly. 

Can I make a booking over the phone?

No, we can only accept bookings through our online booking system.

For group bookings that cannot be accommodated by our online system, please contact us directly.

Payments, cancellations and refunds

What if I miss the boat from Kilmore Quay at the time I booked?

Due to the high demand, late arrivals cannot be accommodated on the next sailing, if you arrive late you have unfortunately lost your booking.

We strongly advise that you leave plenty of time for getting to Kilmore Quay and for parking, it’s a bustling little harbour in the summer and parking can be limited. We advise that you are at the Saltee Ferry gate 10 minutes prior to your trip.

We are linked with Tourshield – a global refund program, for a small additional fee you can purchase cover for your trip if you wish. Tourshield also covers refunds for COVID-19 (evidence of infection is required) 

What if I need to cancel?

You may reschedule your trip to another suitable date via our booking system.

We are linked with Tourshield – a global refund program. For a small additional fee when booking, you can purchase cover for your trip if you wish. Tourshield also covers refunds for Covid 19 (evidence of infection is required)

Do you provide refunds?

In general, refunds are ONLY offered for cancellations made by us.

The ferry trip to the Saltee Islands is across open sea and is dependant on favourable sea conditions. In the event that we have to cancel a trip due to weather or sea conditions, or any other unforeseen circumstances that are outside of our control, we will do our best to accommodate you on another sailing that suits you. In the event that this is not possible, we will issue you with a full refund via our booking system.

These are generally the only circumstances in which we issue refunds. This is clearly stated in the terms & conditions when booking. However, we do understand that at times there are extenuating circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Please contact us directly in such cases.

Do you take cash payment?

No. Bookings can be made via our online system until sailing time (if not fully  booked)